PREMIERE NOTETM collection is a journey invitation, an olfactory odyssey at the heart of exceptional raw materials places of origin. As a melody, from the PREMIERE NOTE springs the memory of a radiant moment. Each eau de parfum reveals its tone and personality. As sublimated notes of a concerto, they are tuning up and match each other in a perfect harmony.

Composed by natural, noble and precious raw materials, PREMIERE NOTETM fragrances conserve their quality and authenticity. From the first harvest of flowers to the finest wood extracts selection, each element is collected and treated with the highest care.


    « Last sunrays reflect on the sea. From the top of the hill, the divine view unveils a green area. Between vineyards and bergamots, a bright color attracts my eyes. Step by step, I get closer and let the bracing essence from this region invading me. At the heart of citrus fruits plantations, a dazzling pearl is waiting for me. The orange from Calabria. Sparkling and fascinating. »


    « Cypress shadow is dancing on the scorching cobbled until this dozing garden. Peaceful sculptures and candid flowers invite to secret. Breeze is making swirl a cloud of white petals that brushes my cheek. Suddenly, I see it. This symbol of purity with an unequalled softness. Its perfume is already enchanting me. The lily from Toscana. Romantic and enchanting. »


    « At sunrise, Isparta hill houses are bathed in an aglow light. A majestic mountain chain stretches far away. Harvest starts again with its daily rhythm. In this legendary Oriental, I smell the captivating presence of a queen, as precious as desired. Preparations to celebrate its come back are going faster. Its divine beauty fascinates me. The rose from Damascus. Mysterious and voluptuous. »


    « A sunny path leads me into the forest. The mule loaded down with equipment follows me with a quiet step. Light passes through branches, forming little sparkling puddles on the floor. Centenaries trees are greeting me. By rising my head, I see the vaults of an imaginary cathedral taking shape. Air is mild, invaded by its perfume. The cedar from Atlas. Captivating and verdant. »


    « The little way sinks at the heart of the island. Rice terraces seem to roll out streamers. Suddenly, volcanic heat disperses and reveals the humidity of the green wood, similar to a simple aromatic grass bouquet. Its roots shape interlacing labyrinths under my feet. By closing my eyes, I let me soothe by this woody essence. The wood from Java. Evasive and audacious. »

For PREMIERE NOTETM, the perfume is as the first travel: delightful and unforgettable. Capped with a gold ring, a refined and elegant bottle preserves all of its beauty.

Elegant or impertinent, voluptuous or mysterious, PREMIERE NOTETM eau de parfum are as inspiration and escape source. Worn alone or superimposed thanks to an olfactory contrasts concept, they enable the most audacious combinations to create an individualized fragrance.

« I have selected the most emblematic notes and raw materials of each family: orange for citrus, lily and rose for floral, cedar and vetiver for woody, while adding an elegant modernity. » Mélanie Leroux